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Design & Maintenance

Judy Craig Consulting ~ Web Design & Maintenance will provide your organization with a professional presence on the Net creating great looking web pages that are full featured and designed to take advantage of the Internet's global potential. Judy and her staff share with you many years of "one-on-one" advertising experience.

Since the internet is a "new" advertising medium, many people do not understand how it works. We will walk through the entire process, from "turning - on" your computer, to explaining the differences between a virtual account and a regular user account. We answer questions that many of you have. We want you to feel comfortable with what you are buying as well as understand what you are buying. There is "service after the sale"!

We also will provide site registration which is the process of submitting a new web site to various search engines and directories that populate the World Wide Web, such as Alta Vista and Yahoo. Sometimes registering a site is as simple as entering a URL, others times the registration process involves keywords, classifications, and descriptions.

Good graphic design requries that your site be easy to navigate for the surfer as well as having eye appeal, but still keeping in mind that people use a variety of browsers (ie: Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. at various levels of versions) will see your site differently. Site design also encompasses the organization of information and interactive features of the site. Multiple levels of content, navigation from one area to another, and technical requirements are common elements which must be considered in the design of any site. Think of site design not just as the appearance of your home page, but also as a process involving strategy, content development, page design, programming, testing, and maintenance.

Depending on your companies needs, a web site can be a lot of work. We will maintain these sites for you with daily, weekly or monthly updates.

If you require just one information page or and many pages, we can work with you and show you a creative and effective presentation on the internet, targeting both local and global clients.

We also provide web space & design on www.dextermaine.com, www.dover-foxcroft.com, www.guilfordmaine.com, www.newportmaine.com, www.websitesinmaine.com and more for businesses that are without internet space for a little as $200 and up.

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