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About Owner Judy Wilbur Craig:
I have lived, gone to school and worked in Dexter most of my life. My family has lived in Dexter for 7 generations and most of my family has been self-employed in the area for as long. I have 2 grown daughters who travel about the world, but make Portland Maine area their home at this time.

When starting Judy Craig Consulting in 1997, I converted a downstairs bedroom into a makeshift office. And although I started out with one computer and one phone line, we now are 'snug' in that make makeshift space, BUT with 4 work stations, a DSL line and NO space to move. But we are happy in our little homey snug office.

We are surrounded in the office by bunch of kitties and my adopted dog Meg A Byte and Dexter, my horse would be in here, but he doesn't fit.

I started working at my family business at age 11 dipping ice-cream and flipping burgers. From then, I have done everything from nursing to foster care, cake decorating, substitute teaching, photography, and sewing to make a living. In 1986 I started working for WDME Radio, and for almost 14 years I worked up as part-times sales to Sales Manager & Station Manager.

Judy and her horse DexterSome of the organizations I am affiliated with are:

My passion is my horse "Dexter", a 8 year old Suffolk Punch, and he boards at Infinity Farm in Dover-Foxcroft. He is a "green" horse and has needed alot of work, but we are now riding together in the ring and hope to be out on the trails by summer 2006.

We now have a new addition to our staff, Emma, a 3.5 pound Yorkshire Terrier; "the holy terrier", who keeps us laughing and brings new life to the office.

Courtney Brown:
Courtney and Nathaniel Courtney (pictured here with her very special Godson, Nathaniel) is our newest member of the JCC team as of January 2005.

Courtney grew up in Brownville and graduated from Penquis Valley High School in 2002. She is now trained in web design and maintenance and has studied desktop publishing.

Courtney currently lives in Dexter with her fiance Josh, their 3 cats, Kayla, Cosmo, and Bella and their newest addition, a White German Shepherd named Flakey.

They enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. They especially enjoy their annual camping trip to Canada Falls.

JCC also has other part-timers from time to time to help out with specific projects and events.

The JCC "girls" are like family and we hope you will feel comfortable to call on us with questions or comments.

office petsWe are "hometown girls" and do business the same way.

We all have chosen to live in a "small town" to bring up our families, be close to our families and be involved in our community.

Your business partnership with us, makes you a part of our family.

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