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I think it is important for potential customers to know what current clients feel about working with Judy Craig Consulting and the following are testimonials that were submitted from satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact them for further information. Thank-you....

Song in the Woods
I am writing to express my thanks to you for the great work you have done building and maintaining my website. I have recently realized that I haven't expressed my thanks to you for your great work. A lot of my customers remark about how much they like my website. They remark that it is informative and easy to use. I have looked back over the years and I realize that my website is my biggest asset for advertising. In terms of cost per customer brought in, my website stands out as my best tool. I have had customers from all over the world respond to it. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you have potential customers that would like to speak to a happy customer.
Stephen T. Madera
Abbott, ME

Town of Greenville Maine
"The Town of Greenville has been utilizing Judy's talents for over two years now.
Judy does a great job for us. I regularly receive email from folks all over the world who compliment the Town on its website. The public finds our site creative, informative and functional.
Judy makes it really easy to keep the site up to date, responding almost instantly to requests to add or subtract information. As a Town Manager with fewer hours in the day than I need to get everything done, Judy is a God-send: thanks to the her, the website is one thing I do not have to worry about!"
John Simko, Town Manager
Greenville, ME

Erda Leather
Erda has had a web presence since the web was a baby, but no site ever was worthwhile until we had it designed by Judy Craig. We get not only compliments, but also inquiries and orders.
Customers tell us constantly how easy the site is to use, and we love how easy it is to add or change items. As a result, we're able to keep the site up to date and lively, so buyers return. We have regular customers who buy through the site instead of by phone because it is so easy.
I recommend Judy Craig very highly- and she is fun to work with!
Patti Dowse
Erda Leather

Cinderella Cleaning Service
Judy has done a great job helping us expand our cleaning service, not just by word of mouth but more so by the awesome web site she created for us. She was very helpful in assisting us with the information that was to be included in our web site.
Judy took into consideration our personal characteristics as well as the atmosphere we wanted to display. PLUS, she continues to follow up and maintain the site. We have had so many comments from people saying what a nice web site it is. Simple enough to download quickly, yet eye catching too.
Thank you, Judy, for your hard work and many talents.
Melanie Chambers & Milinda Easler
Cinderella's Cleaning Service

New England Bible College
Thanks for the great job on www.nebc.edu! I think it's a great website and from the comments I am getting, others think so too.
It was a pleasure working with you. You know how to make ideas become reality and that worked well for us. I had some ideas (not all relalistic) and you were able to sort through them and make the workable ones work and tell me that the others weren't so good without making it "your site" with your name on it.
Anyone who goes to "the city" for this kind of work needs to check out Judy Craig Consulting. Thanks a bunch!
Rev. William E. Inman
President of New England Bible College

Mayo Regional Hospital
Mayo Regional Hospital is always looking for effective ways to build relationships with the people we serve, and to provide patients with information they need to make decisions about their health care. Judy Craig Consulting ~ Web Design & Maintenance has helped us do that by designing and maintaining the hospital's new Web Page.The information is presented in a professional, attractive, easy-to-navigate format. Mayo's site has received 900 "hits" in the first two months, and several viewers have een so impressed they have e-mailed us compliments on the design and content.

We've also been impressed with Judy Craig's service. Whenever our site needs to be updated, Judy's response has been immediate. That's just another example of why it makes sense for Mayo to do business locally, with people who understand our needs.
Tom Lizotte, Director
Marketing & Development
Mayo Regional Hospita

Bob & Barb Moore...
Just want to tell you publicly what a great job we feel you have done for us at Bob's Sugarhouse. In addition to the great technical job you have done, we appreciate so much your tenacity, your enthusiasm, and your willingness to jump in and help us with any questions or problems we have. We were very inexperienced regarding the web, as you know, and your help has smoothed the way immensely. Thank you so much for everything you have done. We are very happy with our webpage and we endorse you and your work enthusiastically.

Bob & Barb Moore of BOB'S SUGAR HOUSE in Dover-Foxcroft, ME sell maple syrup, maple products and equipment locally and globally.
E-mail Bob & Barbara for more information.

Town View Leather
Galen & Gayanne Wintle ...
"J. Craig Consulting has done a wonderful job of creating a web site for our leather moccasin business. We have been very pleased with the response to our site, and have had many compliments on the pictures and the background, etc. Judy’s talent for getting to know you and your business shows when she puts all the information together on your page. In no time at all she will have your site up and running on the World Wide Web. With your own personal touches and her expertise of creating what you want to get across to the world about your product and business, makes for a great combination. We would recommend J.Craig Consulting any time, anywhere, for any job."

Galen and Gayanne Wintle hand sew comfy Leather Moccasins that are unsurpassed.
E-mail Galen & Gayanne for more information.

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