Taylor Made Yorkshire Terriers in Maine

Welcome to Maine everyone!  I am very pleased you have stopped by to visit with us and our family of Yorkies.

I have been raising Yorkies for approximately 12 years and just love the Breed. You will too when you see them!

KelsiYou know, it always starts with one, and I have to blame my first Yorkie Kelsi. Although Kelsi is not included in my breeding program, you will still see pictures of her through out the site as she is also part of my family.

My Yorkies live with me and are highly socialized. I take them for rides whenever I can, they swim in the pool in the summer and they are part of the family. I am not "big breeders", but specialize in "taylor home grown" puppies and we show to promote our breeding program.

  • As responsible Yorkie owners, my breeding program is:
    • "Taylored" to be safe for our dogs
    • "Taylored" for an ordinary home life
    • "Taylored" to be improving or keeping within the Standard for Yorkshire Terriers
    • "Taylored" to recognize when restrictions need to be placed
    • "Taylored" to meet and exceed your expectations
    I would love to talk about Yorkies so don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone. I hope you will choose "Taylor Made Yorkies" as your Yorkie contact of choice.

    Holly Gilbert
    Taylor Made Yorkies

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