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Over the years I have learned so many things about Yorkies, some from reading, some from networking with other breeders, but mostly just from experience. I want to share some of those things with you so that you won't be "taken back" as I was when I experienced or learned from living the reality.

This list is meant to be helpful not hurtful.
Take it from me... DID YOU KNOW... ????

Did you know that all Yorkies are born black? They look like tiny Dobermans, black with gold or tan points.

Once in a great while, a Yorkie will be born a silver or white color. This is a version of albino and this Yorkie should never be used for breeding. Often, this pup may have other problems such as being blind or deaf.

Even though a breeder may tell you, "see, she is graying out around her eyes already..." doesn't mean that your Yorkie will be a "blue" when she is an adult. I have had 2 stay black.

A Yorkie can be 2 years old before they get their adult coat color. So when you register your dog, it will be your best guess especially if the sire or dam was a black.

To be of the "AKC Standard" for Yorkshire Terriers, the Yorkie may be: (black & tan) (black & gold) (blue & tan) or (blue & gold).

RubyThe "blue" is really a shade of gray as in blue-gray, steel-gray, light- gray, etc.

Yorkies do not shed.

Yorkies have hair similar to humans, they are considered hypoallergenic.

Responsible breeders breed dogs within the "Standard" and try to preserve or better the breed to meet the Standards.

To be of the "AKC Standard," the Yorkie should weigh between 3 and 7 pounds.

There is no such thing as a "teacup Yorkie"! Beware of those who advertise this way!

No weight can be guaranteed, however, it has been my experience that if you follow the guide on my web site, your guess will be as accurate as mine. **** See Weight chart

Sometimes a pup is born that is extremely tiny. These little Yorkies may stay tiny even as adults and are usually less than 3 pounds. They are not teacups or pocket pals... ..they are just tiny Yorkies that do not reach the Standard weight.

All of Taylor Made's female "tiny" Yorkies will always be sold with a spay agreement for their safety.

Tiny, small dogs can have hypoglycemic attacks. Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. If a dog has one of these attacks, they can become lethargic, comatose and can die. Stress, excessive heat, and not eating can cause hypoglycemic attacks. You can be ready for this and should always take precautions. {HEED the warning.} It can happen. (Click here for more information on Hypoglycemia)

If a breeder tells you that their sire and dam weighs greater than 8-12 pounds, beware. The Standard weight for Yorkies is 3-7 pounds and these dogs may not be of good breeding.

As adolescents, Yorkies grow in stages. Sometimes your Yorkies back end will be higher than the front and vice versa. If the sire and dam are of good confirmation, your Yorkie should even out with a nice straight back.

When you buy your Yorkie they may have a perfect scissor bite, however, they will go through stages when their jaw grows in levels and you may see an overbite. Most of the time it will correct itself. A very slight overbite in your Yorkie is "not" bad.

Have your Yorkie baby's canines (milk teeth) removed if they don't fall out by the time they are a year to a year old. They will collect debris and enhance tartar build up.

A Yorkies ears should stand on their own. Shaving 1/3 of their upper ear will help them stand. They are not docked.

The average Yorkie litter is 2-3 puppies.

Yorkies tails should be docked a medium length.

Some vets may tell you, "A Yorkie is so tiny you don't have to remove their dew claws". It's true you don't "have to", however I have had a Yorkie that loved to go on hikes with us, ran in the woods and flushed birds like a great hunter. She ripped a dew claw and she suffered painfully for days because of it. I recommend removal, and then you never have to worry! Our pups will have already had them removed.

Some Yorkies just don't like to chew! I have 2 females who just won't chew on bones or anything else. If your Yorkie doesn't like to chew, tartar may build up on their teeth and it can lead to gingivitis. Gingivitis is a serious gum disease and your Yorkie will lose teeth because of this. Be diligent about attempting to brush their teeth and keep them clean. Your Vet can clean them for you, but your dog will have to be anesthetized.

Most Yorkie dogs have sensitive stomachs. Through experience, I don't buy doggie cookies or give them sweet treats. I can almost guarantee you they will vomit.

MomYorkies need grooming daily. It's true if you want to keep their coats long. I have found that if I am not showing, then my dogs are just as happy to have a "puppy cut". This is when their coats are cut about 2" long all over.

Most Yorkies love to swim short distances.

Yorkies think they are a BIG dog in a little body. They can be fearless!

Your Yorkie will become your friend, companion and life. They will love you unconditionally. They are such great dogs!

Yorkies are very intelligent and learn very quickly. They also learn very quickly how to manipulate you as well. Be stern but loving.

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