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This is such an exciting time for you and your new puppy. Here is some information you may find helpful as you take on this lifetime commitment..

1. Vaccinations

  • your pup will need vaccinations and routine worming
  • I will provide you with their current record
  • Consult with your veterinarian
  • We recommend protecting your dog from Heartworm

2. At all times, keep fresh water & food available.

  • Feed a high quality dry pet food. For the first 16 weeks Royal Canin Baby Dog 30.
  • Then we feed Royal Canin Puppy 33.
  • After one year Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier 28
  • If your puppy is not eating well, supplement with Nutrical, Gerber strained all meat baby food or with an all meat canned puppy food. (see Handout on Hypoglycemia)
  • Avoid feeding your puppy to much canned food or they may have diarrhea
  • Avoid the temptation to feed your puppy people food. They need the consistent balance of dry food while they are growing

3. Keep your puppy on NuVet Plus vitamins. ¼ tab, once a day.

  • Increase to ½ tab daily when they weigh 3-4 pounds
  • Our dogs stay on Nu-Vet Plus for a lifetime

4. Buy a small crate or have a secure area where your puppy can sleep.

  • They feel more secure and stay warmer when they can cuddle down inside one
  • Keep your puppy out of drafts. Their body temperature drops very quickly
  • Give your puppy a stuffed animal or fleece animal to cuddle with (they will miss their siblings and may not sleep well the first few nights)
  • Keep the sleeping area near you at night so that you can monitor them
  • Sometimes sticking your finger thru the grate is just enough to settle them down when they are crying
  • Avoid having your puppy sleep with you as many puppies have been injured by adults rolling over onto them, and remember, they are not potty trained yet!

5. Have a play pen or baby pen for your pup to play in especially if you are not right there to supervise. Puppies can get into trouble quickly when not supervised. Visit www.SeaBreezePetitePens.com and check out the pen I recommend the 6 panel, 24 x 24 size.

  • Always include some papers or puppy pee pads within this area
  • Give them safe chew toys
  • Beware of rawhide chews, some are not irradiated and may not be safe

6. Puppy proof your house if possible

  • House plants can be poison for these little dogs
  • Chewing on electrical cords can be deadly
  • Puppies are like babies, everything goes in their mouths

7. Paper training

  • Puppy pee pads are available in most department or pet stores (we use cloth pee pads only... Holly has them available for sale at TMY)
  • Realize your puppy will have accidents
  • Never hit your puppy for having an accident
  • Watch for signs that your pup may need to go to the bathroom
  • Yorkies often will run about, nose to the ground when they have to go or, they will have their nose to the ground and go in circles, hunching. Often they will “disappear or hide” so you won't see them go
  • If you catch your pup starting to poo or pee on the floor, shout “No” and pick them up and put them on the papers or take them outside
  • Praise, praise, praise when they go where you want them to
  • Routine is so important
  • Take your pup outside at the same times during the day if you can. Hourly is great if you are home with them. If not, establish times as best you can.
  • If your pup eats their feces, try to pick it up immediately after they go. It is not uncommon and most will outgrow this nasty habit. If not, ask your veterinarian for some suggestions

8. Never, ever leave your puppy on a couch or chair alone or unattended. They will jump or fall off; potentially causing fractures to their little bones or even worse, hit there head and get a closed brain injury.

9. For a few weeks, limit your puppy's play time with people or other animals. They expend lots of energy and could have hypoglycemia (See Handout)

10. If you have a large dog or small children……..monitor their interaction, as your little baby may become injured.

11. If you take your puppy for a ride in the car, bring along their crate and strap it in or purchase a riding seat for your pup. They are available online or at most any dog/animal supply house or catalog.

  • Many dogs have been injured in accidents because they were being held

12. Never leave your puppy outside unattended.

  • In our neck of the woods, hawks have been known to swoop down and carry them away
  • I have heard horror stories about puppies that were lost or stolen in a split second

13. Yorkies have a tendency to get feces stuck in their hair around the anus.

  • Clip down that area with a small set of clippers or trim with blunt end scissors
  • Be very careful
  • If you see your Yorkie straining excessively or trying to walk still hunched, this is a sure sign, or, your Yorkie may be very constipated
  • You will have to assist your Yorkie at this time, clipping hairs or removing the feces with warm water and shampoo
  • If you think they are constipated, consult your veterinarian

14. Groom your puppy from day one.

  • Yorkies need daily grooming to keep their coat from tangling and becoming matted
  • Start as early as day one gently combing or brushing your Yorkie
  • Massage their bodies lightly
  • Handle their feet and nails as if you were going to trim them
  • This will lesson the trauma for them when you actually trim them
  • Check their ears for overgrowth of hairs
  • Pull them out quickly if you need to remove them
  • During bath time, try not to get water in the ears
  • After bathing, always wipe out the ears to remove any moisture
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse to get all the shampoo out
  • Try not to bathe your new baby for at least a week so not to chill or stress them
  • Use puppy wipes to freshen them
  • Buy a nice quality shampoo and conditioner made for puppies. People shampoo has a different pH and is not always best to use on your pup
  • Do not dry your puppy by rubbing, just gently squeeze the water from their coat with a nice fluffy towel
  • Blow dry them on low air as to not scare them. As they get older and accustomed to the bathing ritual, you can increase the air
  • Brush and comb their hair straight down
  • If it is matted, work the matt out from the ends back

Ok, ok! I could go on and on.
If you got this far and you still think you want to have a Yorkie, then, you truly are a Yorkie lover. Remember, the purchase of one of these darling little animals is a life long commitment.

The payback is unconditional love and a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. There is no other dog like a Yorkie. ~ Holly

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